Playing a game is way easier than working out. These five apps, based on everything from searching for treasure to running from zombies, will make sure you get your daily dose of exercise while keeping it fun.

It can sometimes be hard to get off the couch and get yourself moving, but the success of Pokémon Go has shown that game apps focused around movement can accidentally result in players getting in a decent dose of exercise. Here, we round up our five favorite apps that will result in daily activity without feeling like you're suffering through a workout. 

Credit: Photo: Zombies Run

Zombies, Run!

One of the most popular game-based fitness apps, Zombies, Run! will make any Walking Dead fan motivated to move. You play as one of the few survivors of the recent zombie apocalypse, who must travel to one of humanity's last remaining outposts. With compelling music, a well written storyline, and 200 missions, you won't get bored of this thrilling app. It's perfect for those wanting to walk, jog, or run. 

Free, available on Android and iPhone

Credit: Photo: Ubisoft / Google Play

Just Dance Now

Based on the popular video game, this mobile version of Just Dance makes you able to shake it anywhere. Just download the app, connect with a nearby computer, and you (and maybe some of your friends) can dance to the latest popular songs. An easy way to get yourself into moving, the app also has rewards like extra avatars and songs to keep you motivated.

Free, available on Android and iPhone

Credit: Photo: Amazon

BattleSuit Runner Fitness

Similar in concept to Zombies, Run!, BattleSuit Runner Fitness is a storyline based app that tracks your movement and plays a storyline accordingly. Aliens have invaded Earth and it's up to you to help stop them. Complete missions and battles by walking, jogging, or running. You can even put your own music playlist to customize your experience. 

$2.99, available on Android and iPhone

Credit: Photo: Geocaching


The ultimate app for adventure seekers, Geocaching makes modern treasure hunting an easy task. Download the app, set your location, and get to searching for hidden items across the map. Secret caches, which contain logs for you to record your visit and sometimes even little trinkets for Geocache users to exchange, are located across the world. Rated on a scale from easy to hard, these caches can be as simple as looking under the right bush at your local park, or as intense as a hike through a national park. No matter what level you choose, you're sure to get out and about using this app. 

Free, available on Android and iPhone

Credit: Photo: The Walk

The Walk

Perfect for those looking for story-based apps that don't require speed, The Walk is basically the most fun pedometer you will find. The journey's story is that a bomb has exploded in Inverness Station (in Scotland) and it's up to you to carry a package that might save the world. To keep alive, you must walk the length of the United Kingdom, a 500 mile journey. Each step counts, with a continuing storyline along the way and graphs that track things like your daily activity, longest time using the app, and more. 

$2.99, available on Android and iPhone