When it comes to beneficial berries, blueberries and açai berries are probably already on your list.

But an antioxidant-rich berry you may not be as familiar with is the goji berry, which is packed with beta-carotene and has been eaten in parts of Asia for centuries, with the hopes of prolonging one’s lifespan.

Tasting Table’s Test Kitchen recently used the fruit in goji-poppy bran muffins, simmering them in warm water to rehydrate the deep-red fruit, then puréeing them to add smoothness and texture to the muffins. The goji berries would also make a pleasantly tart addition to quinoa-oat squares.

Experiment with the berries in recipes that call for dried currants or raisins; you can also try goji-berry purée in place of applesauce to make your baked goods lighter and less fattening.

Go goji. You won’t be disappointed.

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Photo Courtesy of Tasting Table.