Praise be, the final days of our Whole30 are upon us. Victory is [about to be] ours. The team is staying motivated through this final stretch by keeping eyes on the prize(s) and remembering what we have to look forward to post-Whole30.

For example, our bodies painfully rejecting the foods we’ve so been looking forward to eating for the past month. Sounds awesome. Can’t wait.


That said, the celebratory booze-soaked carbs-on-cheese-on-carbs carnage will be so worth any and all potential aftermath. Of this, I am certain.


I am also certain that there is next-to-no shame in devouring both fried liver and pureed liver during this initial act of celebratory feasting. While I will not be convinced otherwise, I will accept that some people don’t consider poultry liver a treat. And I accept these people as they are (wrong), because I’m an open-minded lady and their wrongness means more liver for me. Bring it on.

And to wrap up on an educational note, a couple of concluding Whole30 lessons to round out week 4:

1.) Using the fact that you are not presently the most fun person to  grab a bite or a sip with as a tender, yet totally effective, excuse to avoid going out with someone is a mighty and unexpected gift. Thanks, Whole30.

2.) Do not, under any circumstances, plop your rump down in a Cracker Barrel during a Whole30. You’re not going to feel like a better person as you sulk next to a faux antique butter churn poking at a small pile of egg-like scrambled rubber. You will simply be filled with misery and woe rather than country fried chicken and pancakes the size of your face.

 And with that, the final countdown is on.