My comrades and I have successfully made it halfway through our Whole30 without fudging the thing up too bad. Our cravings for Talenti and Taco Bell have mellowed [sort of], we’re progressively firming up our disciplinary muscles, we’re naturally falling into healthier habits, and we are most certainly continuing to learn.

Like, we’ve learned that weighing in is not the best source of encouragement at this point in the game. Or ever.


I discovered Kombucha. I fell fervently in love with Kombucha. I actually read the entirety of my Kombucha bottle’s label. I learned that Kombucha contains alcoholBUT IT’S WHOLE30 APPROVED.Kombucha fills me with joy and fermented hope.

 We learned that we’re so not perfect and slip-ups do occasionally happen. And that’s OK—as long as A.) It was worth it B.) There’s a pungent sense of remorse brimming in the pit of your stomach afterwards.

Always remember--no one exists to judge or condemn you.

I experienced first hand just how anti-fun some of the [typically] more fun aspects of my job are during a Whole30. My appreciation for swallowing has since reached new depths.


We’ve grown to understand that like bread and chocolate, stress and exhaustion are not Whole30 compliant. Basically, Whole 30 was designed to force you into being a perfect specimen of life--whether you like it or not.


  Side note: less-than-championed pork products and canned fish may save your ever-loving sanity during these 30 days. Stock up.  We found that when all you can think about is a plate of chicken-n-waffles with extra maple syrup and a side of Maker’s Mark, even the most positive and well-intentioned encouragement can rub your cranky, waffle-less self the wrong way. Be mindful of who you release your sass on.I can’t emphasize enough the significance of having the right support group.

Moving forward, if any of us ladies ever encounter someone doing a Whole30, we will fully understand the critical nature of keeping their egos healthily inflated—i.e. taking every given opportunity tell them they are gorgeous and they are amazing and they are the kind of envy-inducing inspiration we all aspire to be.

So there you have it, how to survive week two of a Whole30—drink kombucha; don’t step onto or anywhere near a scale; find a good brand of canned tuna. Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at why varying your diet and listening to your body is critical to Whole30 success.