Read why I have challenged myself to a month of Whole30 eating here.

As promised yesterday, here we have a glimpse of going 8 days deep into a Whole30. Like I said, we’ve already collected some invaluable lessons in both self-control and self-awareness…

Before starting into our first Whole30 week, we strived to understand the importance of adequate preparation.

We quickly found that supporting one another in the face of cravings and crises is key to collective success.

On that note, I’d highly recommend tackling the Whole30 with a partner or group. The support and sense of accountability that comes with is a major lifeline when you feel yourself begin to wane at the smell of canned frosting.

We’ve started to understand the nuances of eating Whole30 compliant meals outside our own kitchens.

Be warned—plenty of servers will not understand why you’re masochistically butchering every item on their menu and will probably despise the sight of your face by the end of the meal. Press on and tip well. No. Regrets. People.

By day 4, we learned just how difficult soberly facing the world can be. Alas, we further discovered that bar banter is mind-numbingly dull when there’s zero traces of whiskey flowing through your veins.

We discovered that cutting non-noodular foods (like sweet potatoes) into the shape of pasta can in fact provide some level of comfort and strength in the face of adversity.

For anyone who thinks they’re above shedding tears over an avocado, guess what-- when you’re only allowed limited sources of fat and carbs, those things come to mean the world to you. Pro tip: keep your support group close, and your taters closer.

Don’t sweat it if you start having food dreams, experiencing strange thoughts (that are out of character in relation to your usual strange thoughts), or find yourself hovering a smidge too long over food items you’re not allowed to put in your face. Being kind of a weirdo is a normal part of detoxing. Just take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

If I may I just take a moment to reiterate—sobriety is hard. Saddle up, cow[boy/girl].

DISCLAIMER: The above mention of “sizzurp” was delivered in a joking nature. No one affiliated with this conversation would ever consider consuming cough syrup for reasons other than alleviating a cough. We likewise do not support the abuse of cough syrup and similar medications.

Personally, I gained some insightful perspective on how to fulfill my professional duties (i.e. tasting recipes) without being a pathetic cheater.

That’s what we call crowd-sourcing creative solutions to unique roadblocks. #Whole30LifeLessons

Towards the end of the week we learned all about the “carb flu.” Heads up--week one can throw your body for a loop. Experiencing typical flu-like symptoms—exhaustion, achiness, etc.—is common early on. Fret not, you’re adjusting, not dying. It will level out.

And finally, we began to see a ray of hope shining through—cravings shattered and peace without pudding. Praise be.

There you have it, one week of Whole30 in a nutshell. Come on back next week for a riveting glance at days 8-14. Oh, and here’s a fun fact for the road:

Soy sauce and Sriracha are not Whole30 approved, BUT pork rinds dipped in [homemade] mayo are. Enjoy!