By this week, eating Whole30 feels normal. Drinking soda water + lime in bars feels normal; passing the plate of brownies right on by feels normal; ordering sandwiches without bread, cheese, or enthusiasm feels normal… The novelty of this whole shebang has worn off, and I’ve simply accepted it as my lot in life [for roughly one more week].

On a slightly more spirited note—the ladies and I have all agreed that despite the awkward restaurant orders, off-putting odored office lunches, and slight lapses in will power, we will continue eating along similar lines to how we have been for these past 3 weeks even after our Whole30 is up. Because beyond just feeling normal, it feels good.

Also, I no longer verge on tears at the mention of goat cheese. This is progress.And with that, I give you week 3 in review:

After a little slip up, I learned that cheating on the Whole30 is a might fine way to get sucked under a fast and ferocious guilt wave. And Sarah learned what Farro is.


She also learned that drinking black coffee is how life is done.

While I also learned that, guilt waves aside, even a moment (or two) of weakness doesn’t negate the fact that making it this far into the program is an awesome accomplishment.

It’s important to remember that the people in your life may have different ways of showing support during a Whole30, but at the end of the day, most of them have your happiness in mind. I think.

Also keep in mind that people are going to see “progress” at different rates during the Whole30. Keep your head up and look at the bright side. And maybe just avoid ever doing this with your significant other.


Final thought for the day, and I can’t emphasize this enough—boiled eggs, canned tuna, and apparently hot dogs are your Whole30 BFFs. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re there for you no matter what. Unlike other relationships that meet those qualifications, you should never feel ashamed about these ones. Ever.



That’s all. ONE MORE WEEK.