Spoiler alert: You don't want to. Because it smells like cod—36 ounces of it. In one day.


Muscle & Fitness recently published the actor and former pro wrestler's daily eating log, which includes a whopping seven huge meals. And then Complex's Sean Evans attempted to follow along, mimicking the diet as best he could. (Another spoiler alert: He struggled, and the video we're linking, while entertaining, contains strong language and regurgitation, so avoid watching on your lunch break or with your kids.)

I spoke with our Nutrition Editor, Sidney Fry, and asked her to break down the pros and cons of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's daily diet, as seen through the Cooking Light lens. "First of all, keep in mind this is billed as a muscle-building diet," Fry says. Still, she wouldn't believe me when I tried to explain Johnson's seven "mini" meals are meant to all be consumed in one day, not over a week as she thought.

The first thing that stands out: Johnson is eating 36 ounces of cod a day. We consider 6 ounces to be one sensible portion. With that, he eats 2 cups of oatmeal (we typically call for about 1/2 cup, "but at least it's a whole grain," Fry says, optimistically). Johnson is also consuming a good amount of veggies, so kudos there. But again the protein portions are way inflated … 8 ounces of steak instead of the smaller 3 ounces we recommend. And his 10-egg-white omelet could—and should—feed an entire family of four. Fry wishes the 6(!) cups of rice Johnson wolfs down could at least be of the healthier brown variety, and she muses that he could skip the fish oil supplement and get better omega-3 exposure if he swapped some salmon for all of that cod ("Salmon has seven times the omega-3 as cod," Fry says).

Sure, the Rock is doing some things right (including going easy on the eyes, right?), but we hope he takes our dietary suggestions with a few fewer grains of salt.


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