We're back to talk college football after a holiday respite, dear readers! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and all the bowl game action. I did not, but when life gives you lemons, amiright?! It's now time for the Big Kahuna, the crème de la crème. Tonight 'Merica turns her collective eyes towards Jerry World (that's AT&T Stadium for the layperson) to watch an unrepentant neon-clad Goliath take on an underestimated, third-string David. This game is going to get more exciting than that time Gary Busey showed up unannounced at the family barbecue.

But seriously, who saw this one coming? (Put your hands down, Ohioans. You did not.) Oregon not only beat the defending national champions, they crushed Jameis Winston's Seminoles. It was embarrassing enough to almost make you feel bad for the 'Noles… Meanwhile, Ohio State felled mighty Alabama with not a first-string, not a second-string, but a third-string quarterback? Granted, I am an admitted SEC homer through and through, but you'd be hard-pressed to say I wasn't in the majority believing that Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide would prevail over Urban Meyer and his third choice signal-caller. Somewhere in Mulga, AL, Phyllis still hasn't emerged back into society from her rage cocoon.

Yet here we are. Regardless of the team you wanted to reach the Final, this game is going to be incredible to watch. Heisman trophy winner versus a guy who's only started two—albeit incredibly important—games? You can't make this up, folks. Tune in to ESPN at 8:30PM ET tonight and strap in.

Head to Head: Duck Breasts with Blackberry-Port Sauce vs. Ohio BuckeyesHere's how this one works: If you're an Oregon fan, prepare the Buckeyes and savor the flavor of victory. Ohio State fan? Enjoy the winning spoils while dining on tender duck breasts (we recommend frozen blackberries on account of the season). Prep your preferred dish, root on your team, and send some photos of your gameday spread to our Instagram account. Have a great National Championship night, everyone! Cheers.