We asked you to share your strangest (and tastiest) favorite foodie odd couples, and you did! We had more than 500 comments and submissions, which means one thing: we're all a bunch of foodie weirdos.

But it also means we're all in this love-for-strange-food-combinations thing together. With that in mind, Cooking Light in-house creative genius and illustrator extraordinaire Christina Harrison crafted these one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day cards to celebrate the foodie couples we adore (looking at you, avocado toast) and the ones we maybe hide behind closed doors to eat (honey? and pizza? weird!).

Click the preview images below to download a full-size card of each couple. Then share with your friends and let them know how your love for them is almost as true as your love for (fill in the blank with a strange and tasty food combo you can't live without).






Valentine's Day Dinner Ideas: