I love fast dinners but I hate fast food. So I treasure my stash of quick-n-easy recipes that typically involve ingredients that I tend to have on hand in my pantry and fridge. These recipes are perfect for those days when I'm feeling too rushed to put much thought into dinner (which, for a new mom, means pretty much every day).

One of my favorite such recipes is this Thai Fish Sauce and Lime Chicken, which I discovered before I came to work for Cooking Light. I love the combination of peanuts, lime, and sweet chili sauce, which add a bright mix of flavors to what otherwise might be a boring chicken breast. Since my fridge usually contains more condiments than actual food, I usually have fish sauce and sweet chili sauce handy, so this dish is one of my stand-bys.

This recipe is part of one of my favorite stories (and a reader favorite, too): Chicken with 8 Simple Sauces. I keep in a laminated page in my recipe binder. (It's also saved in my online recipe file, which I often access when I'm away from my own kitchen.)

What are your favorite quick-n-easy standbys? I'm always looking to add to my repertoire ...