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Yes, you can totally have a pop in lieu of your morning latte. Yes, it is totally acceptable to ride into work with these Creamy Coconut and Coffee Pops because they are indeed coffee. Ignore the unusual looks you'll get!

You can use cold brew coffee concentrate or iced coffee in these pops, depending on your caffeine preference. The cold brew does yield a richer result. Read below for the recipe.

Creamy Coconut & Coffee PopsMakes: 4 pops

4 tablespoons vanilla coconut creamer2 teaspoons coffee grinds2 cups cold coffee (or cold brew coffee concentrate, depending on caffeine preference)

1. Fill 4 pop molds with 1 tablespoon coconut creamer. Drop in 1/2 teaspoon coffee grinds into each mold and fill to the top with coffee.

2. Freeze molds overnight. Run warm water to remove molds from pops. Enjoy!

*You may need to adjust liquid volume depending on your pop molds.

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