Costco Deals, a popular Instagram account, recently shared a picture of the viral frozen martini pops in a San Diego store.  

Slim Chiller’s 100-Calorie Vodka Martini Freezers are back at Costco, so you’d better start stocking up for the summer! The boozy ice pops went viral last summer for being low in calories and sugar while still tasting amazing. And with flavors like Watermelon Lemonade and Appletini, we know they will be a favorite poolside treat when the weather warms up.

Costco Deals, a popular Instagram account for all things Costco, shared a photo of the Slim Chiller pops at a Costco location in San Diego earlier last week, asking followers if any other locations were carrying them too. So far, followers of the account have reported the pops have arrived in some California, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin Costco stores.

The boozy freezer pops come in a 12-count variety pack, which is sold for $19.99. The pops come in four flavors—Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan, Appletini, and Watermelon Lemonade. According to Slim Chiller’s website, the pops are made with premium, eight-times-distilled, charcoal-filtered vodka, and are intended for those looking to enjoy a festive boozy drink without all of the sugar.

The company also has a line of skinny wine cocktails out—which also come in popsicle form. The pops come in Orangeberry Mimosa, Blackberry Pomegranate Sangrini, Strawberry Grapefruit Rossini, and Peach Mango Bellini, and are also made with eight percent alcohol.

Slim Chillers has a Where to Buy section on their website, so if you’re not seeing those pops at your local Costco quite yet, you can check to see if they are at any other establishments near you. We wish you the best of luck in your boozy pop search—just remember to enjoy responsibly!