Congratulations, Oprah, on losing 26 pounds on Weight Watchers! Oprah told People she was able to lose the weight while still enjoying bread every single day. Well, we couldn't be more happy for you! We, too, know the feeling of losing weight while still enjoying the foods you love ever since the Cooking Light Diet was launched. We are proud to say that while eating bread (and other delicious foods) Amy has lost 35 pounds, Lisa lost 50 pounds, and Joyce and Bob lost over 130*.

The Cooking Light Diet delivers a calorie-driven weekly meal plan -- breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner – based on your weight-loss goals and food preferences. Our mission is to motivate members to live a healthier lifestyle by providing flavorful and nutritious portion-controlled menus that save both time and effort in the kitchen. All while still enjoying the things you love. Like bread. And pasta, and chocolate, and wine.

Below you'll find what an average day on the Cooking Light Diet might look like. Bread included.

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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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