We’ve assembled a task force of staff from our Birmingham offices, which include sister brands Southern Living, Coastal Living, MyRecipes, and Oxmoor House, to try the Cooking Light Diet for 3 months and blog about it. Here’s what they’re saying.

When you're in college, no one thinks twice about ordering late night pizza or Chinese food when you're too lazy to leave the apartment.

Getting sucked into bad eating habits is easy at a university. Starting the Cooking Light Diet was a journey for me to start eating healthier and putting more pride into the food I was making. I've never been one to cook. "Simple" was my motto.

The biggest challenges I had in my first month with the Cooking Light Diet was making a conscious effort to create the meals. I had been using my "simple" technique for so long, I had forgotten what putting together a meal was like. Now that I'm entering month two, the recipes have become easier for me to manage and my "simple" approach seems like a thing of the past. Thanks, Cooking Light Diet!


If you’d like to know more about the Cooking Light Diet, visit, or email us at We’d love to hear from you! Have a great week.

*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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