"It has totally changed my mindset about how I incorporate food into my day. I no longer live to eat, I eat to live." 
Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Small town Texas local Ottum Raabe is like the rest of us. The last thing on her mind is what’s for dinner. As a certified nursing assistant, she works 12- to 14- hour shifts, helping elderly with everything from housework and transportation to basic companionship. Heading home after these long days, it’s almost too easy for her to pull into the nearest fast food joint to grab a quick dinner. Raabe soon started doing exactly that, and couldn't shake the habit. 

Suddenly, Raabe realized she had put on a few too many pounds from her after work McDonald’s visits. In the past, Raabe had worked with a personal trainer, following a strict diet and even more strict workout regiment. Though the weight melted away, she found following the trainer's diet plan was not something she could stick to for life. So when the weight came creeping back, she took everything she'd learned from her trainer and embarked upon a mission to find something sustainable. 

Raabe knew she needed a real lifestyle change instead of a temporary solution, so she nixed the fast food habit and focused on eating healthier. She wanted to meal plan, but soon found it difficult to find meals that were quick, easy, and tasty enough to keep her on track. Raabe needed something that took all the hard work out of meal planning and calorie counting.

“[Previously] The hardest part through the whole process of me losing the weight was calorie counting and sifting through books, more cookbooks, websites, and articles that I had saved, and just looking at all the calories,” Raabe said. “...It’s too much work for me.”

Credit: Photo courtesy of Ottum

Luckily, Raabe found the Cooking Light Diet. And it was everything she'd been searching for. She now had recipes that incorporated fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and an adaptable meal plan that she could truly look forward to. The service sent her weekly recipes customized just for her, too, so her days of flipping through cookbook after cookbook were done. It became a huge time saver for her busy schedule, and she'd finally found the sustainability she needed.

There were added unforeseen benefits as well. One of the biggest surprises Raabe got from using the Cooking Light Diet was the amount of money she saved every week at the grocery.

What's more, Raabe’s carb-loving fiancé even acquired a little meal-envy. After a few weeks of watching Raabe pack her favorite lunches, he began asking her to pack him one, too. She’s now excited to share this experience with her fiancé, and they regularly enjoy the meals together.

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Now three months into using the Cooking Light Diet, Raabe has successfully lost 12 pounds and changed her eating habits. She claims that the bloating and irritability caused by all the junk food she used to consume is a thing of the past, too. And she’s cut back on food waste and is making more mindful decisions when it comes to what she eats. She now takes the time to research restaurant menu calorie counts—that is, when she does eat away from home. As of this posting, Raabe had only dined out twice in an entire month!

We are so proud of Ottum, and can’t wait to hear about her continued success in the future!

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 *Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.