We've all had teachers who coaxed the best out of us. Educators who instilled the belief that not only could we become great people, but we could make the world a better place in the process. For me, it was teachers like Mrs. Woodall in second grade and Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Coxwell senior year. I'd venture to say that a lot of kids in Franklin, NE, would give Janet Guge similar praise.

Janet teaches K-12 Art and French classes to Franklin's young masses. When she's not teaching, she enjoys golf, spending time with her family, traveling, crossword puzzles, watching as many sports simultaneously as she can, and the Cooking Light Diet. She'd never tried any other diets before because they didn't really "fit" but, 12 pounds down*, Janet's finally found one she can get behind.


"I was already using the magazine, so the food was perfect," Janet told me. "The convenience is what I like. It just fits my lifestyle."

And, according to Janet, it's a lifestyle that's giving her more energy by eating healthier. That energy in turn is being channeled into encouragement for her students to live healthier, too.

"We do exercising at school for the kids. So I'm 60, and I'm out there doing Zumba or yoga or something with the kids. And they'll be huffing and puffing, but I'm like, 'Oh, you can't let an old lady beat you!' [Laughs] I try to look healthy and eat healthy and show the kids how to do it. Drink water—not pop, walk around the track. You're supposed to show the kids how to do it right."

*Insert fist pump, two thumbs up for teachers like Janet here*

If/when I have kids, I only hope they have teachers as awesome as Janet. And maybe they'll even have her if I ever move to Franklin, because she doesn't plan to quit using the Cooking Light Diet anytime soon.

"I don't want to slip and go back," she told me. "It's not the diet anymore. It's the way of life. It's more convenience and eating the foods I like and not slipping back into old habits."


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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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