"I FEEL LIKE because so many of us have the same issues—we're probably not eating as well as we could. We may want to drop a couple pounds, we're all busy working and cooking three meals a day. Even if you like to cook, it kind of blows sometimes. Let's be honest. And you just get tired of coming up with it day after day after day. Then, on top of that, the idea of adding in, 'Well [food] it's got to be healthy, and it's got to be well-balanced, and last week this food was bad for me, and this week it's not, and I just don't even know what to do.' And the Cooking Light Diet... it just clicks for us. It's easy, it's delicious, we've never felt deprived, which was so important to me because nobody is going to stick with something that makes them feel unhappy and hungry and, 'Yay, I'm looking forward to my cabbage soup and lemon-and-cayenne drink tonight!' It's just not going to work."

So sayeth Montana resident Jennifer Owen about her experience using the Cooking Light Diet. Like a lot of our community members, Jennifer felt the switch to a healthier meal plan focused on cooking your own meals was a bit daunting. But she said it had to happen for several reasons.

"I knew that, for budget, we needed to be meal planning, and I was just so intimidated by it I didn't even know where to start," Jennifer said. "...[But] At the end of the day, if you don't already have some kind of idea when you get home from work and you're tired and you just want to eat, it can be really easy to call Domino's."

Instead of calling out for pizza, Jennifer and her husband, Dan, started the CLDiet. While she says initially there was a bit of sticker shock at the grocery because of the amount of food they were buying in order to cook the majority of their meals, it's ending up costing them less money long-term because they aren't calling Domino's or dining out nearly as much. And now that they're used to cooking delicious meals at home, they want to keep going.

"...Once you start doing it, you kind of just want to keep doing it," Jennifer said. "It's just eating better. It's having somebody help you eat better, because sometimes it's really overwhelming. There's so much information out there, and what you guys have put together—for me, at least—makes sense. It's about reasonable portions and a variety of foods, and that's exactly what I want. So we've just been really happy with it."

Jennifer's also happy with the structure and inspiration that the CLDiet has brought into their kitchen each morning. Gone are those early hours spent not knowing what to do about breakfast or lunch.

"Before you go to work, you do your thing, and at the end of the day you have no idea what you're doing," Jennifer said. "You may go in the fridge and see lots of groceries, but you're missing a handful of things and you get stuck doing that. And one of the things is, with the planning [of the Cooking Light Diet], now I get up and make those meals, whereas before I'd get up and stare at the pan and I'd have no idea what to make for breakfast. And it would be a waste of time in the morning, or I'd end up eating out at lunch. So the planning, the meals laid out, gives me those kind of 'time marks' throughout the day, so that I know that I need this much time to cook a meal, and I'm ready for that. It just helps me pace myself."

Anything that we can do to help our community members makes us happy, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your story.


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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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