I have never in all my years been farther West than the Colorado Rockies. But when I do finally glimpse the Pacific, I really hope that trip involves a Cooking Light Diet meal with the Rogojins of Seattle, WA.

Darci and Paul Rogojin joined the Cooking Light Diet back in January. She works for T-Mobile corporate in vendor relations, while Paul nobly serves as a Washington State Trooper—and yes, upon hearing that last bit I immediately asked if Paul appreciated Super Troopers. To my great relief, he does. Not only are the Rogojins huge Seahawks fans, they also love SEC football (I converted them to Ole Miss fans) and the Cooking Light Diet. Be still my beating heart.

Darci reached out to us in August to tell us how much she enjoyed our Hummus-and-Rice-Fritters with Mediterranean Salad, and how she planned to make it a football watching go-to dish. She also mentioned that she was down 10 pounds, while Paul has lost 15 to 20*. So of course I had to reach out and find out how their Diet journey was going. Like so many other community members finding success with our program, Darci let me know she has adapted it to fit their lifestyle.

"Dinner is seven nights a week," Darci says. "Every night, I'm cooking. And because it's just my husband and me, I'll cook dinner and make the whole thing, and then we'll have that the next day as lunch leftovers. So that's how we do it."

"I don't do the lunches because I just don't have that amount of time," she says. "I wish I did, but I don't. So I do the menus for pretty much breakfast and dinner. I like it, though. I like that we do leftovers and just have those the next day."

Along with the ability to adapt the Cooking Light Diet to their lifestyle, Darci also enjoys the convenience of an editable Shopping List, the way it's "really affected how we think about food and the choices we make," and that it feels like more of a lifestyle change than anything else.

"It's real food, it's delicious, and it never makes you feel like you're on a diet," Darci told me. "It's a sustainable diet. That's the beauty of this. You can stay on it and never feel like you're doing anything different really."


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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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