We assembled a task force of staff from our Birmingham offices, which include sister brands Southern Living, Coastal Living, MyRecipes, and Oxmoor House, to try the Cooking Light Diet for 3 months last fall (October-December 2015) and blog about it. Here’s what they had to say.

I am still dealing with the aftermath of Halloween and now another decadent holiday, Thanksgiving, is around the corner. Next comes the flurry of holiday parties and events that start December 1st  and last until the New Year.

On the Cooking Light Diet, I have had to shore up strength to resist going overboard on regular days, but the best thing I did for this holiday season was to give myself permission to enjoy it by using the CLDiet as my first line of defense against going all the way off the rails. What that means is that when I choose to splurge, I want it to be well worth the diversion from my everyday path, and not so over-the-top that I feel guilty or boxed in a corner with nothing left to eat for the day but some lettuce and carrots.

I’m going to make a list. I have actually written down the flavors and seasonal delights I am looking forward to, and I'm going to seek those out when I’m at a party or making plans with friends. My go-to favorite cocktails, salty snacks, sweets, and savory delights—things I wouldn’t normally get to enjoy the rest of the year. Things like pecan pie and Mexican wedding cookies  (my mom always called them roly-polys), shrimp cocktails, oysters, pâté, and champagne will make the list.

I’m also going to be mindful and limit both frequency and portions so that I get satisfaction without going completely over the top. And since the Cooking Light Diet has gives me a calorie goal to hit, I can keep track and aim to stay as close as possible to my daily target.

Let the holidays begin!


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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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