We've assembled a task force of staff from our Birmingham offices to try the Cooking Light Diet for 3 months and blog about it. Here's what they're saying.

------I have two tiny kids, a full-time job, and an always-hungry Golden Retriever rescue, so when it comes to meal planning, I need easy (plus a Costco membership for Colby's favorite dry food). I've tried meal planning services before, but they all gave me seven dinners per week.

Wait, you say. There are seven days in a week, right? And you eat dinner for basically all of them, so what's the problem?

The problem is that life happens. We go out to dinner. The kids clamor for mac-n-cheese. Friends come over. My husband insists that leftovers are what he actually wants.

Long story short: I don't need seven dinner plans, I need five. Which means I need an easy way to remove the unneeded recipes (and their ingredients) from my shopping list. Sounds  easy, but most plans don't make it that way.

Then I tried the Cooking Light Diet. Wonder upon wonders, there are checkboxes to remove meals I don't need during the week, then more check boxes to remove ingredients I already have (I'm looking at you, cooking spray) so I don't waste precious moments in the store reading something I don't need to just so I can cross it off. Believe me, when you have two tiny people in your cart and the free bakery cookie is almost gone, every second counts.

For me, the health aspect is a wonderful bonus to a meal plan that's delicious and makes my life easier. Win win!

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