We’ve all been there... when trying a new diet, you're left hoping for some kind, any kind, of progress. You think to yourself, “Something has got to give.” When you finally find a plan that gets the (weight-loss) ball rolling, it can take you by surprise. And that’s exactly what happened to Cooking Light Diet community member Pilar Schaefer.

“Originally I thought I’d only be able to get to six pounds, but when I kept going, I thought, 'Wow!'” And keep going she did. After meeting and surpassing her weight loss goal, Pilar chooses to use the Diet as a “goal weight maintenance” method. I had the pleasure of interviewing this adorable mom, and here's what she had to say.

Hanna: What made you decide to join the Diet?Pilar: I’m a petite person, and losing weight is kind of hard because I’m not actually overweight. But I wasn’t where I wanted to be, so losing that small amount of weight is really, really hard. That’s why I decided maybe I need something that tells me. When I don’t have structure in my day and get off track like, "Oh, one cookie here isn’t going to hurt!" So that’s why I decided to join. I thought, I need something to tell me, "Today, this is what you’re going to eat, and that’s it.”

H: Did you try any other diets before this one?P: I tried a diet that was low carb and very restrictive. It also told me what to eat, but it was very repetitive, very low carb, which is what I thought I needed. I was afraid to look at anything that I knew contained carbs—not even talking about cookies or the obvious—like a sweet potato even. I couldn’t even look at it because I felt like I would gain the weight right back.

H: Has your exercise routine changed since beginning the Diet?P: I always had the times in my life where I’d exercise a lot, and then don’t exercise at all. Especially because of pregnancy, it takes a while to get back on track. The Diet has motivated me to keep up the pace because by now it’s been four or five months that I’ve stuck with my workout routine. I’m still going four or five times a week to the gym. For this long it’s kind of a new record for me.

H: Do you feel motivated to continue using this plan after reaching your weight-loss goal?P: I had a weight loss goal but really never thought I’d reach it. I can honestly say the Diet really helped me. Actually it kind of left me speechless and surprised that I was able to get there. I’ve lost about eight pounds, and for a five-foot person, that’s a lot. So right now I basically use the Diet to make sure I’m keeping myself on track.———–

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