There's a saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Well, that phrase works the opposite way too—when Mama is happy, it trickles down to (and inspires) the rest of the family. We're back to hear the second round of good news from Pilar Schaefer in regards to her Diet experience.

Not only has she found success with the Diet, but she's also convinced a non-adventurous eater to try foods he would have never considered previously. And the best part—he loved what he tasted. Calling all picky eaters: You'll love the Diet, too.

We can't wait to hear more, Pilar!

Hanna: Has your family enjoyed the food?

Pilar: My husband isn’t very adventurous in eating, and he doesn’t like vegetables that much, so…actually my five year old likes more of the recipes than he does, so it’s kind of funny. There was one recipe—it was one of the first ones the Diet gave me—I think it was the turkey burger. I never thought that my husband would go for it since he’s such a meat eater. I mean, I know turkey is meat, but it’s not beef. He was like, “Wow, that’s turkey? Tastes good.” [Laughs]

H: Do you feel full after your meals?

P: I think the portions are just right. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. You guys actually have very good options for dinner where they’re low-carb already. My other diet I told you about, that was always like you can have either cucumber or jicama. And that’s it. More than the hunger I was just like, "I don’t want cucumber again." There’s a ton of variety in the Cooking Light Diet.

H: Do you have any favorites you’ve come across in the Diet?

P: There are several, I mean, just yesterday we made a lemon and olive chicken. The recipes are very easy and very fast. That should tell you we actually make our dinners for our lunches. Our big meal is lunch.

H: I know you mentioned that before the Diet you grabbed a snack here and there, and it wasn’t really a structured thing. Do you enjoy the snacks in the Diet?

P: Yes because it feels like you’re having so much food in your snack, and it’s just that amount of calories, so it makes you feel like you’re actually having a snack. Usually I’m used to not eating desserts unless it’s the weekend, and we go out and have ice cream and that sort of thing, so I usually don’t have desserts in the house, but I was thinking, “What if I wanted a cookie or a brownie? How could I make that a healthy part of the Diet?” What’s happened since the other diet is that I’ve learned not to fear that kind of thing anymore. I was afraid to even look at those things. Now I will do that—if I’m out, I’ll just have ice cream, and that’s my snack, for example. I’m trying to enjoy life and be healthy at the same time with the Diet.


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