When cooking for your family, you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. You may have a picky or difficult eater—or more than one—someone with allergies, or a family member that makes meal planning extra tricky. And that can make the prospect of changing the way you cook extra trepidatious. If you're making changes to the way the family unit eats, everyone needs to be on board, or it might not work.

Andrea from Washington, D.C., recently started the CLDiet, and posed the following question last week to our Facebook group, possibly after wondering whether or not the meals on the plan could be enjoyed by her whole family.

Per usual, the response from our community members was quick and encouraging. I really love these folks!

Katie, our CLD superstar, said that these are meals the whole family will love.

Like Katie, Christy said her family—teenage son included—digs in, too. Both ladies said their teenagers require a little more food than a serving size usually calls for. Metabolism...anyone remember what that was like?!

Cynthia has had only a smattering of recipe complaints, despite feeding her family of six for twelve weeks!

Sue is also feeding a crowd, and she's customized the menus to accommodate her family's tastes. They seem to be enjoying the results.

Melinda is a lot like my mom, who would politely let us know if we complained about a meal that we were free to take over kitchen duties. But with a meal like a Double-Layer Beef Taco, what's not to like?!

Barbro said the portion control makes staying on plan easy even if the fact that all the recipes are tasty isn't enough.

Angelique does things a bit differently, feeding everyone at dinner but doing her own thing at breakfast and lunch.

Karin and Andrea both said that their husbands like the food. Andrea's hubby sounds like a pretty funny guy.

Sonia has someone who takes care of leftovers for she and her husband on the weekends.

Andrea appreciated all the advice, and hopefully is off to a good start!

As you can see, community members are adapting their Cooking Light Diet menus to work with their families and schedules. If you're tired of always wondering what you and yours are going to do for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch, or snacks), join the Cooking Light Diet today and see what these folks are raving about. Cheers!

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