Have you ever been prodded to try a new food that you just really, really didn't think you'd like? Yet, when you tasted the taboo morsel, you found yourself wondering, "Where has this been my whole life?!"

Sherry Smith of Oldtown, Idaho, had just such a relationship with avocados. Then she joined the Cooking Light Diet. Now Sherry and her family are indulging in recipes and ingredients they never would have considered in the past, and they're happy with the results. I checked in with Sherry last week to find out if the Smiths had added any other new foods to their culinary wheelhouse via the Diet. Here's what she had to say.

Matthew: How has using the Cooking Light Diet changed the way you cook?Sherry: I've been cooking since I was 15 or 16 for the family while I was growing up, because my mom was not a major cook. So I really had nobody to ever teach me how to cook—it was just like, "Here's the food. Figure out what you're going to have, you know?" Through the years I've developed into a good cook. But I really had no help in learning new things. I get basics. And with your recipes I've learned to use more herbs and fresh vegetables. I had never roasted peppers before, and in one of your recipes I had to roast peppers. My husband said, "This is good. I've never had this before!" [Laughs] So it's teaching me a new way to cook, which is a healthier way to cook.

M: What have you enjoyed most so far?S: I think my favorite is to have options and not be stuck on, "OK, this is what you're going to cook." You've got an option of four different things—you can do leftovers, you can do this or that. … My husband had never eaten black beans before, so he's been totally introduced to the black bean. He's a pinto man."

M: Has your husband liked the meals?S: Oh, my husband … He just told the doctor I'm cooking the way he always wanted me to cook now. I said, "Gee, thank you!" [Laughs] … Your recipes don't take a long time. I can go in there on some of your meals and do it in 30 minutes, sometimes a little over 30. 

M: Would you recommend the Cooking Light Diet to other people?S: The meals are very good, and my husband recommended it to his sister. … And we told them it's not like a diet. It's very good. [My sister-in-law] was the same way I was—she's tired of meal planning, she's tired of cooking, and she said this way it will be better. She was already suggesting we move close to her and then we alternate nights cooking. [Laughs]

M: Is this something you'll continue using after meeting your personal goals?S: I think this is a lifetime thing. It's not something … I tend to abuse food. [Laughs] There's going to be a point in my life where I'm probably going to quit cooking, or I'll try something else, but I think learning what I'm able to eat on this diet is a good lesson plan for me. I don't plan on quitting it anytime soon.

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