You’re just a few seconds away from perfectly shredded meat.

Credit: Diana Rightmire/ Cooking Light Diet Facebook Page

In theory, shredding meat should be easy. You just have to grab some forks, get your hands a little dirty, and it’ll be done…eventually. But it’s never really that simple—meat gets stuck under your fingernails, larger chunks take time to break down, and it ends up taking up way more time than you intended. Thankfully, there’s a better way.

Recently a Cooking Light Diet member shared her hack to shredding chicken. It’s much easier and cleaner, and it’ll leave you with perfectly uniform shreds of meat every time.

In a recent post to the Cooking Light Diet’s Facebook Community Page about a delicious dinner of Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sliders, member Diana Rightmire said, “If you've never used a mixer to shred your chicken, you should try it! The second picture is chicken I shredded with my hand mixer! Took about 15 seconds!”

Credit: Diana Rightmire/ Cooking Light Diet Facebook Page

So we took the trick to our test kitchen to see if it’s true—turns out, using a hand mixer makes for a magical experience, and we’re sharing this not-so-dirty little secret with you.

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Credit: Arielle Weg

Start out with a whole rotisserie chicken, or cooked boneless chicken breasts. Though the chicken we used was pre-cooked and refrigerated, warm meat would be even easier to shred. Begin by breaking down the parts of the chicken you want to include and removing the meat from the bones. Place all the meat in a large bowl.

Using a hand mixer with two whisk attachments, blend the chicken on the lowest setting. Gradually increase speed if necessary. Blend until all of the chicken is shredded.

Credit: Arielle Weg

We were actually amazed at how simple and quick the process was, and we’ll definitely be reaching for our hand mixer the next time we need shredded meat ASAP.

This hack could easily be used for other types of meat, like pork shoulder or tenderloin, or even beef such as chuck roast. If you’re looking for more recipes to use your shredded chicken try our Creamy Chicken Quesadillas or Chicken Verde Enchilada.

The best part? You can enjoy these meals and still lose weight with the Cooking Light Diet.