Credit: Courtesy of Robin LaPlante

Your mood will immediately lift as soon as you start chatting with Robin LaPlante. She has such a positive energy that I found myself smiling as she talked during our phone conversation a few weeks ago. Besides her contagious cheerfulness, you can also tell that Robin has a real passion for life.

In college, Robin studied dance, but she says she always felt a cloud hanging over her because of her weight. In a world that focuses on what your body is capable of, it’s easy to get wrapped up in weight, she says. But along with loving to dance, Robin has always loved to cook. In fact, Robin and her husband enjoy cooking together. When she saw a mention of The Cooking Light Diet, she knew that it was her kind of diet. The Cooking Light Diet has given Robin and her husband something to chat about and connect to throughout the week. It’s a hobby for them--a hobby to which we’re happy to contribute.

Credit: Courtesy of Robin LaPlante

M: What are you most enjoying about the Diet? R: The thing that’s particularly so great about this diet is it’s not just "Eat as few calories as possible and you’ll lose weight." It’s more like, "Here are some healthy options to eat, and they’re delicious." It’s about good food and not about food that will help you lose weight.

It continues to be fresh and new, and if I want to go back and make the same thing then I can, but I’m also getting new recipes that I can look through. It’s like having a daily Cooking Light magazine that I get to play with and flip through every day.

M: Has the Cooking Light Diet experience propelled any other changes in your life? R: Well, I dance. I grew up dancing and doing ballet. I studied dance in college.

There was an article in Cooking Light recently that asked if you should talk to your kids about weight. It was really great. Seeing that article in Cooking Light was really helpful. It was like “Oh, it wasn’t just me that was feeling that way!”

My mom took me to Weight Watchers as a kid because as a dancer you're very conscious of your body. Good, bad, or different. All of the time. My mother was a dancer and looked at me and knew that I was going to struggle with my weight. Plus, the fact that growing up she did Weight Watchers, I did Weight Watchers--it really gave me a less-than-ideal relationship with food. That got really hard as I got older and realized that I loved cooking and I loved baking.

We’re all supposed to worry about what we look like in bathing suits, and it’s on the cover of every magazine. But I think I’ve gotten to a point in my life now where I’m more worried about my health and feeding myself things that are good for me and not dropping the poundage.

I know I’m eating healthy foods and I’m eating things that are good for me. So it’s not as concerning for me. It’s more about how I feel and what I know that I’m putting in my body.


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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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