Relationship status aside, these recipes are sure to bring love and happiness to your table on February 14th

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Some days we just need a little comfort food. Whether you’re craving pizza, pasta, or a gravy-topped steak dinner, everyone has their go-to guilty pleasure meal. So, our gift to you— whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Singles Awareness Day—is this selection of recipes that meet all of your comfort food needs...but with some healthy twists.

But wait, there’s more! You can enjoy these meals and lose weight with the Cooking Light Diet. In fact, these 12 recipes come directly from members who have tried—and loved—them when they’re craving something warm and cozy. For more of their comforting favorites, be sure to join the Cooking Light Diet Facebook Community.

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Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Cheeseburger Pizza

A pizza topped with pickles, onions, beef, and two cheeses? We’ll take a slice. Kristine Elkins says, “Dinner tonight was Cheeseburger Pizza. My boys cheered when they heard. My son goes, ‘Mom, I thought you were on a DIET??’”

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Credit: Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Biscuit-Topped Chicken Potpie

Everything you love about potpies, except the calories. At under 400 calories a serving, Renee Staib Savage says, “Biscuit-topped Chicken Potpie is the most delicious Sunday supper. My boys devoured it...definitely keeping this recipe for winter go-to dinners!”

Credit: Photo: Brian Woodcock

Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Extra-lean ground beef is the main attraction, and three cheeses make it feel astoundingly decadent for diet food. Michele M. Handal- Werner says, “It was fantastic, and we have leftovers to freeze for another time. Really flavorful and filling. I love this diet, specifically because it doesn't feel like a diet!”

Credit: Randy Mayor

Steak Tips with Peppered Mushroom Gravy

In just 20 minutes you’ll have a juicy steak topped with mushroom gravy, served over egg noodles. Carolyn Maher Nelson says, “My mother and grandma never made this, but this is what I imagine ‘comfort food’ to be.”

Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Cauliflower Alfredo

Cauliflower and garlic become velvety smooth when blended in a mixture of Parmigiano-Reggiano, milk, and butter. Cynthia Mason Moran says, “I was in the mood for some comfort food tonight and the Cauliflower Alfredo did not disappoint! The sauce was good and creamy.”

View the Recipe: Cauliflower Alfredo

Mom’s Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Compare a typical 800-calorie casserole to our less than 300-per serving version and you’ll never crave a different recipe again. Sharleen Christensen says, “Mom's Creamy Chicken and Broccoli for dinner!! Delicious!! It reminds me of Broccoli Rice and Cheese casserole.”

Credit: Romulo Yanes

Upside-Down Shepherd’s Pie

Supermarket shortcuts like frozen mashed potatoes make this a weeknight staple, while fresh veggies and ground beef cooked in a luscious gravy make for a comforting feast. Donna West says, “Delicious dinner. Real comfort food.”

Credit: Photo: Iain Bagwell

Chicken-Broccoli Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Macaroni, cheese, chicken, bacon— all for under 400 calories. This is real life. Trish Farmer Benson says, “Creamy, delicious Mac and Cheese! Great comfort food without sacrificing flavor or texture.”

Credit: Photo: John Autry

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

This 30-minute meal is full of flavor, and is so low in calories (just 192!) you can even serve it with a side of creamy potatoes. Julia Ann O'Malley says, “Perfect comfort food for a chilly night!”

Credit: Photo: Raymond Hom; Styling: Pamela Duncan Silver

Beef Daube Provencal

You’ve never had a beef stew quite like this. Joanne Zuccaro Devaney says, “Oh this is a family favorite. One of Cooking Light’s all time best reviewed recipes. So delicious! And makes the house smell wonderful while it cooks. Comfort food at its best!”

View the recipe: Beef Daube Provencal

Credit: Photo: John Autry

Turkey and Bean Chili

On a chilly winter evening, there’s nothing quite like a smoky bowl of chili filled with turkey, cannellini beans, and tons of spices. Elena Harris says, “Made Turkey and Bean Chili tonight for dinner in my Express Pot and it was a HUGE hit. There is no more left!”

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Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey

Quick Loaded Potato Soup

It’s totally possible to enjoy a velvety smooth potato soup topped with cheese and bacon for under 300 calories. Sue Given says, “Had this family favorite tonight. Perfect Fall meal. Served with whole grain bread rolls, bacon (instead of having butter on my bread), & fresh fruit salad. So good!”

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