You know what's expensive? Feeding a family of five.

You know what saves you money when you're feeding a family of five? The Cooking Light Diet. At least, that's what Stephanie Atwell of Apex, North Carolina, tells us. She and her husband Josh joined the Cooking Light Diet in March and have been enjoying the added bonus of reduced shopping bills.

"Just food-wise, it's about a $400 difference for the month," Stephanie says. "$400 less. I'm not doing drive-thrus anymore, I'm not going into the store and just randomly shopping. So my husband said it's a $400 food difference. And that's with two big meals—we went on two big date nights where we paid for other people, and it's still $400 less than we usually spent on food. And my fridge is full of food right now. Real food."

Another thing that's surprised Stephanie is that she's not having to cook two meals. Before subscribing, she imagined that her kids—ages 6, 3, and 15 months—wouldn't go for the Cooking Light Diet-suggested menus. Turns out, that hasn't been the case.

"I didn't know serving-wise if it would be enough for everybody, and I also didn't know if they would eat it," Stephanie says. "They eat it. They love it! I get the thumbs up at dinner every day, and they even eat leftovers at lunch. It's been nice. I get to cook real food and they get to try real food and a variety of food. So I'm surprised I'm cooking less than I thought I would have to."

Not only is the Cooking Light Diet saving the Atwell family money while simultaneously satiating them, it's also been a source of inspiration. Stephanie says the frequent need for herbs in her menu plans gave way to a new patio addition. And the kids dig it (pun intended).

"I started an herb garden too, after starting the Cooking Light Diet," Stephanie says. "I just use so much basil and rosemary and thyme and cilantro and parsley I was like, 'You know, I'm just going to quit buying this and just grow it.' So I did! The kids love it. They watch me pick it off the plant and come in and prepare it. And they know what certain vegetables look like now that they've never seen before."

Could it get any better?! Well, Stephanie also says since starting the Cooking Light Diet, she's got more energy to spend with the kids. There's no discussion or fight about what's for dinner—it's already planned out and the groceries are ready to go. And all the pros to the plan have she and Josh thinking they'll continue it far into the future.

"The spending less on food is definitely big," Stephanie says. "The more energy for activities with kids has been great. Also, just less stress around mealtime. You know, dinnertime rolls around and I have a plan, and I can execute the plan, and we can have a nice dinner to enjoy as a family. So, I love it. It's fun to have all these different choices."

It's fun to have you as a Cooking Light Diet community member, Stephanie! Thanks for joining.


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