It's really easy to tell yourself you're going to eat healthy ... until life gets in the way. I couldn't count on fifty fingers how many times I've had the best of dinner intentions, only to throw in the towel and phone in the pizza. They deliver so I don't have to ruin my couch's familiar potato contour!

Well, Andrea Carter of Chico, California, doesn't have that problem. But she did have trouble finding a diet service that could help her achieve her personal weight-loss goal and then maintain that success using flavorful meal options. Enter the Cooking Light Diet. Nestled in the heart of walnut and almond country, Andrea has been successfully utilizing the Diet to cut out the fast food, bring in the tasty food, and spend more time on life's important matters. I spoke with Andrea to find out how everything is going so far. Here's what she had to say.

Matthew: What have you been enjoying most about the Cooking Light Diet so far?Andrea: I think the quality of the recipes, because they use so many flavorful spices, and I can't believe the number of fruits and vegetables I'm eating every day—much more than I was eating before.

M: How does the Diet compare to any other diets you've tried in the past?A: This plan has definitely made things easier for me. With Weight Watchers, they don't really give you a menu plan, so you have to know what the point value is for specific meals, and sometimes you have to calculate that out. It's really a lot more planning involved to make that point level that you're allotted for the day. And it just ... it got to be really time-consuming for me. I was spending three hours on Saturdays just trying to plan out my meals for the next week, and then compile my grocery list. Well, with the Cooking Light Diet, it's already done. All I have to do is plug in the items I need to shop for. It's great!

M: You mentioned that you cook for your husband. Does he get involved in the preparation process?A: My husband does a lot of the prep work for me! He does the chopping of all the vegetables, and all the slicing and dicing. He usually does that while I'm exercising. Then, when I get done with exercising, I will fix our meal. And it usually comes together within about 30 minutes or less. So it's pretty quick. I'm surprised by how quick it comes together sometimes.

M: Do the two of you have a favorite meal that has really stood out so far?A: Oh, the Double-Layer Beef Tacos! That was one of my favorites because I thought, "Eat your heart out, Taco Bell!"

M: What would make you recommend the Cooking Light Diet to others?A: I would recommend it because the food is so delicious, and if the food is delicious, you're probably going to be more likely to stick with that meal plan than something that tells you to have just a hard-boiled egg and a plain piece of toast for breakfast with a piece of fruit. That's not really exciting.

M: What would you tell someone who was considering joining?A: I would say, "If you like to eat good food and you don't want to get bored or feel frustrated because the foods are too bland, I would jump on this bandwagon in a shot!"


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*Members following The Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.