I knew the Seiler family of Essex Junction, VT, were my kind of people when they reached out to us in late July. Dr. Kathy Seiler, a professor at Champlain College, said that in addition to enjoying the Cooking Light Diet, she also shares a passion for gardening. As someone who grew up at his parents' garden center, I can relate.

When her husband Phil, who enjoys cycling and basketball, responded to a Game of Thrones reference I made with his own witty, Lannister-esque retort, I was convinced we were kindred spirits.

Already an avid exerciser, Kathy told me joining the Cooking Light Diet back in March has been a boon in her journey to eat healthier.

Kathy: "It's just easy to not have to come home and think, 'Okay, what are we going to have for dinner tonight?' [Because] thinking is half the battle when you're trying to watch what you eat, trying to come up up with something that doesn't bore you to death day after day..."

Bored is something the Seilers haven't been at the dinner table since joining the Diet. Kathy says her family has enjoyed how varied the menus have been, and how that variety "allows you to not feel like you're being deprived of flavor." The Seilers even have a few new favorite recipes. The Shrimp Tacos with Corn Salsa in particular springs to mind, with Kathy saying they've "probably had [it] four or five times now."

When asked why she and Phil would recommend the Cooking Light Diet to others, Kathy pointed towards the way in which the plan connects her with what she's putting on her plate.

"I think it gets you more heavily involved with your food, and more—almost mindful—about what it is that you're eating, because you're following a new recipe most days. And I think that's key to good health, not just losing weight."_______

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