We've been touting the Cooking Light Diet for a while now, but there are always people out there who'd love more information about our service. Specifically, does it work? Can you really subscribe and experience weight-loss success? Julie from NC, a newly subscribed community member, recently asked that exact question in our Facebook group.

Cue the Cooking Light Diet community at-large! Anna from MA chimed in with a promising response regarding how Julie could expect to feel if she signs up.

Melinda has been seeing steady success on a weekly basis, and said that it's better for you in the long haul to lose in smaller increments.

Lisa said her weight loss has been gradual as well, but that the great thing about the CLDiet is that, unlike with other diets, she isn't left with hunger pains after meals nor is she eating "diet food." It's a lifestyle, not a diet, at least according to Lisa.

Cynthia said that in addition to weight-loss triumph, her family loves it. We love you too, Cynthia!

And then Joyce and Barbro responded to Julie with their awesome success. (You can read more about Joyce and her story here.)

And then more community members joined the conversation, each with inspiring results of their own.

We hope those answers were helpful to Julie and encourage her to stick with the Cooking Light Diet!

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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.More Cooking Light Diet Success Stories: