Last week you met the Rogojins. Well, they're back!

When we weren't talking about football, phone cases, and comedy classics, Darci was filling me in on all things Cooking Light Diet. And one thing the Rogojins have really been enjoying is the snack selection.

"I love the snacks," Darci said. "That's the fun little treat part! The snacks have been super fun. There's some stuff on there that I'm like, 'No way! I can't believe I get to eat this.' And they fill us up, and they totally work. I'm never hungry on this [Diet] ever. Ever."

In addition to curbing hunger pangs, the Cooking Light Diet has made the Rogojins more conscious of food choices outside their kitchen.

"It makes me think about my choices when I'm in a restaurant," Darci said. "It's really affected how we think about food, and the choices we make. Even at work, there've been days when I don't have time to bring a breakfast. We have a little cafeteria, so I will make different choices because of this Diet."

The last thing Darci and I talked about was her overall takeaway from using the Cooking Light Diet. That part made me pretty happy.

"You won't feel like you're missing out on anything, which a lot of diets make you feel. You can have anything you want, really," Darci said. "Another thing that's been eye-opening to Paul and I is portion control. 'Okay, you're only supposed to have half a cup of this,' whereas before we would load our plates up."

"Then for anyone who likes to cook, it develops your skills more," she said. "Plus there's the weight loss.* I always see us doing this diet."


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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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