For Joseph Stefani, an avid skiier and hiker, putting one foot in front of the other has led to victories both on and off the Montana slopes and trails where he resides.

In May 2015, Joseph underwent open-heart surgery for a mitral valve repair, a strenuous procedure for even those who are in the best of health. The recovery period was certainly harder than Joseph imagined, but the Cooking Light Diet and helped 52-year-old Joseph find his footing again and make the necessary changes to improve his health.

“This was a big deal,” Joseph said. “I mean they opened up my chest, and the recovery was really a challenge. I thought it would be a walk in the park, and it was not. I was back to hiking and getting myself back to physical health probably in the middle of July. I would say I put it behind me probably in the beginning of January [2016].

While the adjustment after heart surgery may have proven to be a challenge, joining the Cooking Light Diet was a much smoother transition for Joseph, who was already accustomed to planning and organizing meals and recipes.

“The reason it’s [the CLDiet] worked well for me is because this is exactly how I’ve been cooking for the last six years,” Joseph said. “I would go online and plan two week’s worth of meals, go to the supermarket, print those meals out, hang them on my cabinet, and make them [the meals]. I realize not everyone operates the way I do, but for some reason, this just connected to the way I plan my family’s eating.”

Just like with any recreational or sporting activity, dieting and losing weight is about taking small, daily steps towards your goals. Something Joseph is no stranger to. So what started out as a simple search on for healthier, low-calorie options has turned into major weight-loss success with the Cooking Light Diet.

“When I decided to go on this [the CLDiet], I was determined to get myself down to a healthier weight for my heart to pump blood through,” Joseph said. “I was aware at the end of March that I was going to have heart surgery, and I weighed about 210 pounds. I actually started the Cooking Light Diet on July 1. At the point when I started, I was probably down to 200 pounds, and then I hit my goal of 160 pounds* on November 7.”

Today, Joseph isn’t solely concerned about the weight as much as he is with making a healthier lifestyle choice he can turn into a habit.

“You know, I have had experiences losing weight in my adult life, but what I really like about the Cooking Light Diet is that it’s a nutrition plan,” Joseph said. “I really like the suggestions and the fact that my plan is basically 400 calories for breakfast and 400 for lunch, and you give me suggestions on how to fill that in a healthy way. I’ve been maintaining since November, and that’s through Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was able to go through sort of hairy times for eating with no weight gain. So that’s what I’m really loving about [the CLDiet] right now, is that it’s allowing me to maintain this healthy weight just by staying on it.”

As demonstrated by Joseph, we can all succeed step-by-step with a little determination. Proud to have you as a member of our community, Joe!


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*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose more than half a pound per week.

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