Hello, sports fans! Revel in the college football action while you can, because the season is drawing closer to its zenith. Who will lead their team to a championship? Is Leonard Fournette a lock to win the Heisman? Will Al Golden ever coach D-I again after his fall-from-grace in Miami? These answers are coming sooner rather than later.

Marquee Matchup: Georgia vs. #11 Florida, 10/31, 3:30PM ET on CBSWe're moving up the East Coast of Florida from Miami to Jacksonville for this week's highlighted tilt. It's the World's Largest Cocktail Party, where the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs meet on neutral ground to alter the SEC East landscape. And where a lot of fans apparently drink cocktails. The Dawgs are struggling to salvage their season after losing all-star RB Nick Chubb to an injury, while Florida are sitting pretty as a top-15 team. After a tough loss to LSU last weekend, I think the Gators rebound and get the W here. The real winner, though? Cocktail lovers. My Prediction: Florida 28, Georgia 20


Black CauldronFull disclosure: I was going with Cuban Pork Shoulder with Beans and Rice until I remembered Saturday was Halloween. Then I thought, Hey dummy! Why not a cocktail that celebrates both the World's Largest Cocktail Party and Halloween? I give you Black Cauldron, natch. The beauty of this devious cocktail? The ice cream component lets you pad the stomach for further cocktail consumption, and the caffeine component keeps you in the game. Am I allowed to type that? In moderation I meant! Always in moderation. Whip up these cauldrons, avoid the toil and trouble, and enjoy a great weekend slate of college football. Happy Halloween everyone! Cheers.

2 cups vanilla ice cream1/4 cup vodka1/4 cup brewed espresso24 ounces oatmeal stout beer

Place 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream in each of 4 tall glasses. Top each serving with 1 tablespoon vodka, 1 tablespoon brewed espresso, and 6 ounces oatmeal stout beer. Serve immediately.

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