We spent some time finding the perfect way to top your pie and picked a few of our favorites. Turn dessert into a work of art with these cute, festive, and fun ideas!

It's different, it's beautiful, but most importantly it's easy. Roll your dough out so that it will easily go well past the edges of your pie. Cut 1/2 inch strips of dough–3 per braid. Since we have 3 braids on our pie we had to cut 9 slices of dough. Lay 3 strips of dough on a floured service and begin braiding from top. Try and make it as tight as possible as it will hold up better in the oven.

Once you have your braids done, lay them across your pie, cut off excess dough, and fold into the edges. Bake until your fruit is bubbling, around 45 minutes. We used our Lattice-Topped Blueberry Pie, minus the lattice. Keep an eye on the dough to make sure it's not browning too quickly.


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