Though chicken is a standard home cooking option for many of us, chicken meals don’t need to be dull. One simple way to enliven your chicken recipes is to use heritage chicken. An heirloom breed of bird offers a marked increase in taste and texture over commercial chicken at a price that won’t break the bank.

In this area, we’re fortunate to have access to Redbro Cou Nu chickens, marketed as Poulet Rouge Fermier du Piedmont out of a farm in North Carolina. The chickens are a French heritage breed, raised according to strict Label Rouge standards established in France 40 years ago. They grow roughly twice as long as industrial birds (about 80 days compared to 40) before they’re processed. The result is considerably deeper flavor, enough to make a person truly crave chicken.

Visit this site to find a farm near you that sells heritage poultry. Try it the first time roasted, seasoned simply with salt and pepper, and you’ll see how it can make everyday chicken dishes special.