STEP 1: EAT HEALTHYMaintaining a balanced diet can be crucial to slowing hair loss, according to Francesca Fusco, MD, a New York City--based dermatologist. "Your diet should include adequate protein and nutrients ideally, but if not, consider a vitamin targeted to hair and nail health," she says.

STEP 2: NOURISHTake care of the hair you have. "A well-nourished scalp provides a foundation for strong, resilient hair," Fusco says. Look for products containing conditioning oils like sunflower, almond, or coconut, such as CLEAR Scalp & Hair Intense Hydration Mask ($5,

STEP 3: SEEK HELPIf hair loss or thinning continues beyond a normal pace for more than a month, consult with your doctor. Treatments include prescriptions and (gulp!) scalp injections. In the meantime, protect hair and scalp from the sun with a hat. "A burned scalp could cause hair loss," Fusco says.