Erica Schenk appears on the August issue of Women's Running.

This article originally appeared on MIMI.By Jessie Militare

Fitness magazines tend to perpetuate a thin, toned ideal on their covers and on their pages. But this minority body type doesn't represent the thousands of women who read these publications. Women's Running magazine is working to change that standard. The publication put plus-size model, Erica Jean Schenk, on its August cover, and the 18 year old looks great.



Schenk has been a runner for 10 years, and proves that there is more than one type of "fit" body. The teen also enjoys fast-paced swimming, volleyball, and barefoot beach runs. She told People that she wasn't originally assigned to the cover, but rather an in-book feature about athletic brands that are broadening their size range. The cover was a welcome surprise.



"Honestly, I was astonished," Schenk told People. "My family is overwhelmingly proud."

People are praising the cover on Twitter and Instagram, and are happy to see a model that looks more like the average woman in such a visible place.





"This cover proves anyone can run," Schenk says. "Don't be afraid to be curvy and do what you love. You are not alone."

I hope other pubs follow suit.

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