The Korean beauty brand behind the fan-favorite Egg Mellow Cream line of products introduces two new pumpkin-based products for healthy skin.
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Credit: Photo: Alex Guida.

Can’t get enough pumpkin in your fall routine? We have good news – you can slap on a pumpkin-infused sheet mask to revitalize skin for a visibly vibrant glow and hydrate against the harsh effects of gradual cooling temperatures as well as a drier climate.

Too Cool For School, the Korean beauty brand with outposts in London and New York, has introduced two new products just in time for the fall craze sweeping the nation – the Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask as well as an overnight Pumpkin Sleeping Pack aimed at moisturizing and eradicating dead skin cells.

The mask, which retails at Sephora for $8 each, is infused with 24-karat gold and a heavy base of pumpkin infusion that adds a visible glow to your face in as little as 15 minutes. Pumpkin extract within the product is loaded with Vitamins A and C, aiding in the soothing of dry and flaky skin in harsher temperatures.

The mask, which is composed of organic bio cellulose, promises to “tightly adhere” to the face – but our test of the product found that might not always be the case. The product works wonders, however, after removing the mask: the residuals left on your skin help to bring a soothing hydrated sensation and a visible brightening.

For those who have yet to experiment with masks in their beauty routine, it’s important to note that while this product does deliver results, the heavy marketing of pumpkin ingredients isn’t fragrant or especially remarkable in the mask itself – your face isn’t going to smell like pumpkin spice nor will you retain any sort of orange tint on your skin.

While many might flinch at the price of a single mask, especially in comparison to other cost-effective products that are readily available at many major retailers, the holistic approach to a hydrating your skin in a wholesome manner via pumpkin extract is worth your dime.

Especially when paired with the even more effective Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, a moisturizer that works wonders overnight and a safe choice for those with sensitive skin. Unlike many other leave-in products, this $16 formula doesn’t feel heavy nor causes any discomfort when left on: simply rinse away in the morning and get on with your daily beauty routine.

Credit: Photo: Alex Guida.

Pumpkin fermentation extract, which also contains vitamins A and C in addition to beta-carotene, helps restore elasticity. The refreshing feeling of tighter skin is reinforced by the cream’s papaya and bamboo extracts, which cleanses dead skin cells and leaves minerals for a healthy complexion in place.

We’re betting that the overnight Sleeping Pack might make the cut as your new go-to product to wind down your long day.

But there’s no better time than Fall to focus on self-care and revitalization, where we’re sure that Too Cool For School’s Pumpkin Mask might come in handy. At the very least, it's another reason to reach for an ice-cold pumpkin spice latte when it’s time to kick back and relax.