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Your furry friend may detest putting on reindeer ears and posing with Santa, but he or she will definitely enjoy getting some holiday gifts this year. Don’t leave out your loyal companions and reward them with something nice under the tree this year.

Antler Dog ChewsWhile pricey, antler dog chews are virtually indestructible and will provide your pooch with a healthy way to occupy himself and keep his teeth clean. The chews are special because they are very, very hardy and do not splinter. Many species of deer shed antlers annually – they are collected from natural shedding or from sport hunters who would normally just discard them.

Stuffing-Free ToysIf your dog is like mine, you are picking up annoying little pieces of stuffing all over the house constantly. Do yourself (and your dog, of course) a favor and try these stuffing-free toys. Crazy Critters is a brand available at most pet stores and on Amazon.

The Food BallAvailable for dogs and cats, this interactive toy will entertain your pet for hours and give you some peace. It stashes food in little indents in the toy and slowly releases them when the toy is rolled at the night angle. My dog loved this and eventually figured out the exact way to roll it to get the most food out.

Homemade TreatsCook up  something special like these Homemade Pumpkin-Peanut Butter Treats I shared earlier. There is a plethora of recipes for dogs and cats out there, and you most likely already have the ingredients for some.

Da Bird Cat ToyThis is a must for cat owners. Da Bird will provide you (and your kitty) with hours of entertainment. Cats will bound in the air after this feathery toy – providing him with mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Laser PointerCats tend to chase the laser pointer, but some dogs will too. My Labrador loves running after it, and it’s an easy exercise option for those days when I just don’t have time to take him for a long walk.

Crinkle ToysAnother one for dogs and cats, pets love this “crinkle” sound these toys make. It’s honestly a nice switch up from the classic squeaker and most pets seem to love it.