Not all our readers know this, but we've never made it a secret that Birmingham, Alabama, is the city we call home. For the past 28 years, we've grown with this amazing Southern metropolis alongside our sister brands Southern Living, Coastal Living, and Oxmoor House.

We've been through tough times (hello, print media decline!) and good times (hello, Time Inc. Test Kitchens moving to Alabama), and our city has been right here beside us, experiencing the lows and the highs, too. The "Magic City," after all, did declare the largest bankruptcy (at the time) in U.S. history.

But Birmingham is coming back in a big way. Our food game is strongour burgeoning beer-brewing community rivals much larger markets, and all around the city, especially in areas like Avondale and downtown, an economic and aesthetic rebirth is underway.

In short, we couldn't be more excited, or proud, to call Birmingham our home. The video below, created by Back Down South Films, perfectly encapsulates the giddy excitement we harbor towards our city and its bright future.

So, if you ever get a wild hair, please come visit us. It'd be nice to have you in Birmingham.


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