As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m thinking about realistic ways to transition my look from day to night.

How I picture date night going Friday morning: I’ll leave work a little early, spend leisurely time primping and feeling good while sipping a glass of wine. 

How date night actually happens: Get stuck working late on “one last thing.” Quickly touch up makeup at red lights, arrive frazzled, with just enough of a red lipstick smear to evoke thoughts of the Joker in my date’s mind. 

Since this is often my reality, I’ve found a few go-to beauty products that help spruce up my look in a few minutes, leaving me feeling more Wonder Woman than Batman’s villain.

Start with Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off! ($29, Run a tiny dab of this gel under tired eyes for an instant awake affect. Allow to set, then cover with a quick swipe of powder. Urban Decay’s new Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation ($36, is great for faking flawless skin. Next, blot on a circle of color to cheeks. I like Nars’ Multiples ($39, because they last forever, blend easily, and come in a variety of colors and sheens.

If you want to go red on lips—my favorite date look, Valentine’s Day or no—pick one that’s going to stay put. My all-time fav: Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso ($22, Finally, finish with a fragrance touch up. I find those in the rollerball format are purse and desk-friendly. Two I like are MAC Turquatic ($22, or Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb ($29,