Credit: Illustration: Brittany Molineux

By Karen Asp Let us count all the ways meditation is so great: Just like when you exercise, physiological changes take place in your body when you meditate. Studies show that just eight weeks of meditation can increase density in the area of your brain responsible for executive function, which helps regulate emotions, holds information, and allows you to perform at your highest level. And meanwhile, the amygdala, the part of your brain that acts like a stress button, shrinks. It's like going to the brain for your gym. But if you can't get to the brain gym--or your quiet meditation retreat--never fear. Load these four apps on your smartphone so you can meditate wherever life takes you.

1) BuddhifyComes with more than 80 guided meditations and a timer if you want to do your own meditation.

2) CalmProvides sessions to meet any goal, like sleeping better, stressing less, or maintaining better focus.

3) HeadspaceA 10-day free course leads you through 10 minutes a day. Connect with friends for support.

4) OMG! I Can MeditatePay to access more than 180 meditations, or try dozens of free ones.

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