Lighten your look to compliment the season.

What we wear often reflects the mood of the season, and makeupis no exception. In winter, as we bundle up, we color our faceswith heavy, opaque hues and textures. But come summer, it's time tolighten up with barely there shades and formulas that are stillpretty but allow natural beauty to shine through.

Secret #1: Foundation
Foundation feels heavy in summer and can be droppedaltogether if your skin is clear. Camouflage imperfections likeundereye circles, redness, and blemishes with a concealer thatmatches your skin tone, says New York City makeup artist MichaelAngelo. If you need a little more coverage, prime your skin with amedium-shade self-tanner.

If your skin feels naked without foundation, opt for a sheerformula, like Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30($14.99), or a melt-proof sport tint with sun protection. Sporttints resist perspiration and heat. "They're lightweight and don'tlook heavy in the harsh sun," says Laura Geller, owner of LauraGeller Makeup Studios in New York City. To lighten your currentliquid foundation, apply it with a damp sponge, Geller says, todilute the color and spread the liquid evenly.

Secret #2: Eye shadow
Eye shadow tends to melt, crease, and smudge fromperspiration. Keep it in place by coating lids with an undermakeupprimer, like Philosophy's The Present ($25). Top that with shimmerypastel shadows in powder or cream formulas, which are pretty in thesunlight. Angelo suggests replacing eye shadow with blush, which isalso less apt to show hot-weather wear.

Secret #3: Eye liner
Eye liner also smudges easily, and it can look severe in thehotter months, so your best bet is to skip it. But if you feel it'sa necessity, use dark powder eye shadow and a slanted eye linerbrush, like the m.a.c. Small Angle Brush ($17), to softly defineyour lash lines. Because it's powder, eye shadow is less likelythan a waxy pencil or liquid liner to smudge.

Secret #4: Blush
Blush's color and amount should also be lightened. "In thesummer, you glow naturally, so you only need a little," saysGeller. To look luminescent, apply a pink or pink-apricot shade tothe apples of your cheeks. For a different summer blush approach,mimic the look of a tan by applying a medium-shade powder bronzerlightly across your face, focusing on where the sun hits your nose,forehead, chin, and cheeks. Use a thin, fan-shaped makeup brush toget the subtle coverage necessary for the look.

Secret #5: Lipsticks
Lipsticks that are dark and opaque look too severe in brightsun. Replace them with spf-packed sheer shades and glosses, Gelleradvises. If you want your mouth to stand out but still looknatural, try this technique from Angelo: Line your lips with apencil that matches your lip color, and top that with tinted lipbalm that contains spf 15, like Clinique Superbalm Tinted LipTreatment ($11.50). Every night, treat your lips to a coat ofemollient lip balm or vitamin E to keep them from chapping andcracking. Tip: To smooth chapped lips, smother them in balm andexfoliate by gently rubbing with a dry washcloth or soft-bristletoothbrush.

Secret #6: Mascara
Mascara can be tricky―one blink can smear it on oily ormoist skin. Keep it in place with a waterproof formula, like AlmayOne Coat Mascara Thickening Waterproof ($7.99). Also, avoid thelower lashes, Geller says.