By Hayley Sugg
May 09, 2016

Nowadays there's an app for everything, especially physical fitness. Running, biking, planking, you name it, and you can find a way to track it, share it, and more! And while this is great for those looking to exercise, it's sometimes hard to find healthy lifestyle apps that don't solely focus on working out and calorie counting.

Here's a round up of healthy apps that will help you, no workout required:


What it is: Tasteful is an app designed to help users find healthy options at nearby restaurants. The app shows the average cost and the distance from the restaurant. Users who have diet specifications can also select from several search options like vegan, paleo, gluten free, and more. Tasteful specifically looks for restaurants that work with local farmers, use high quality produce and meats, and cook from scratch with whole foods.

What users are saying:

- "This is a very great app if your on any type of diet. It always finds something delicious for you to eat." - "This makes finding healthy options soo much easier, and weeds out all the junk!"

Cost: Free

Who can use it: Available for iPhone and Android



What it is: Touted as a "personal nutritionist in your pocket," ShopWell is an app that is made to help users make healthier food choices and eat within any food limitations. Users can enter in their personal information along with their dietary needs (weight loss, diabetes, food allergies, etc.) and then begin scanning barcodes on food products. The app will pull up a breakdown of the nutrition and ingredients and suggest healthier alternatives if needed.

What people are saying: 

- "It helps me decide on the best foods for my diet and keep track of the ones i need to avoid." - "I'm new to gluten free, low fodmop diet. My doc also wants me to lower my cholesterol. Being able to put those specific things in and have the scanner tell me exactly which of those things the product goes against AND which specific ingredients is FANTASTIC."

Cost: Free

Who can use it: Available for iPhone and Android


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

What it is: Sleep Cycle is an app that works with the user's sleep patterns to help them wake rested. By placing the phone on a nightstand or in bed the app picks up on breathing patterns and movements to analyze whether the user is in a deep or light sleep. The app then wakes users (in a 30 minute range of their choosing) during a lighter sleep, so waking up is a bit easier.

What people are saying:

- "Use it daily, mostly I love how it wakes me when I'm already in a lighter sleep state. No more waking from super deep sleep and spending the day trying to recover!" - "The difference that waking up from a light sleep makes is actually unbelievable. You might feel like this would gyp you out of a few extra minutes of valuable sleep, but trust me - you'll be more wide awake getting up 15 minutes earlier if it means you weren't in REM or NREM 3 or 4."

Cost: 99¢

Who can use it: Available for iPhone and Android



What it is: Waterlogged is an app focused on what most of us don't do enough of every day: drink water. Waterlogged allows users to set their own goals, check charts showing intake, and set reminders. The app will even analyze photos taken of glasses or bottles of water so users don't have to worry about guesstimating their intake.

What people are saying:

- "I am a visual person so being able to "see" how many ounces I am getting each day scores with me. The fact that this app is so easy and I can customize the size cups I use instead of searching for one that is similar or guessing (and being incorrect) is a win." - "It's a very simple and fun app to use. The way it is constructed makes it easy to log in your water amount, it also tells you the weather! Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wishes to drink more water!"

Cost: Standard is free, premium is $3.99

Who can use it: Available for iPhone



What it is: Mental health is just as important as physical health. Happify takes this into account and helps users work towards their own happiness journey. Users choose what track they're most interested in (relaxing, appreciating the small stuff, etc.) and through mini games and activities learn ways to achieve these goals. 86 percent of regular users reported a significant change in mood after two months of use.

What people are saying:

- "I like it because it makes me feel more positive and I feel like I'm becoming a better person. It does help me realize that I'm in control of my happiness." - "The Uplift game really does change your negativity bias and I'd recommend it for that alone. You have to put in the effort to do the assignments, but if you do, you'll reap the rewards."

Cost: First 10 sections are free, to access more is a $14.95 monthly subscription

Who can use it: Available for iPhone and Android