This talented team of makers at Kitchen Witch is about to debut their to-die-for bone broth at the Santa Cruz Farmers' Markets. Trust us, you need these soul-nourishing broths in your pantry. They have served up four delicious recipes, all locally and sustainably sourced from the Bay Area.

Join their Barnraising to expand production and create slow food for this fast-paced world.

Pitch in now, and for every 5 backers you refer over $25, you get a FREE jar of broth!

What Is Barnraiser?

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That's where Barnraiser comes in. Barnraiser is a crowdfunding community designed to power healthy and sustainable food initiatives—think beekeepers, butchers, bakers, first-time farmers, and heirloom gardeners. The site offers people interested in the food movement a way to support these artisans who are changing the way Americans farm and eat.