If you ask me, one of the best parts of an Indian dining experience is pulling off chunks of tender, pillowy naan bread and dipping it in cooling raita. But those calories and carbs can add up.

Enter Bandar Foods' naan-inspired chips. They're made with wheat flour, rolled out thin, and baked to a crisp. Their nutritional stats are similar to other baked crisps (about 120 calories per serving), but we liked that they provide 4 grams of protein per serving. Our tasting team tried both the Garlic and Tikka Masala flavored crisps. While both received raves, the Garlic edged out the Tikka for fan favorite. What tasters had to say:

  • "I love these! I like that there's just a hint of garlic here instead of it being overpowering."
  • "These would be great as a dipper, especially with some hummus."
  • "These are so unique… a nice alternative when craving chips."

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