There is such a thing as too much cheese—like a 1.19 billion pound stockpile.

America has a cheese surplus: stacks of cheddar and muenster waiting for buyers. So much, in fact, that every single American would have to buy and eat an additional three pounds to get rid of it.

How did this happen? Several years ago, export markets were hot, and other countries were eager to buy American-produced foods. To compensate, producers of cheese, meat, grain and milk ramped up production. But now, the dollar is stronger against foreign currencies like the Euro, so buyers in other countries are not so keen on our cheese—it's not such a good deal for them anymore. And that is how a country finds itself with a freezer full of frozen cheddar cheese.

The upside, of course, is that cheese is a pretty good deal right now. So maybe you want to make quesadillas or ravioli or soufflé tonight.

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