This retail giants merger has caused a lot of strong feelings.
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Change can sometimes be seen as scary, and the news of Amazon buying out Whole Foods for $13.7 billion came as a surprise to many. But our staff, ranging from writers to designers and everything in-between, all had opinions on how this business transaction would affect the way they shop for food, both the good and the bad.

Read below to see what we really think about the buyout:

"I'm interested to see if it will change the in-store experience, either in good ways or bad. Will they expand the beyond-shopping experiences (food stalls, bar, demos, etc.)?" - Jenn Skarda, Assistant Designer for Cooking Light

"I'm intrigued. I think it will unlock the potential for Whole Foods to reach an even larger audience, especially in areas where a brick and mortar isn't possible. However, if I had one concern about the acquisition, it would be for Whole Foods not to lose its identity as brand. I still want to think of a trip to Whole Foods as an "experience" that I can't have at other stores." - Elizabeth Laseter, SEO Writer for Time Inc. Foods

"I don't routinely shop at Whole Foods, but I'm interested to see if the buy out changes that. If they make it easier to get healthier foods to my doorstep, then I'm in." - Ashley Kappel, Digital Content Manager for Cooking Light and MyRecipes

"My feelings about the Whole Foods buyout can best be summed up in this tweet:" - Jessica Campbell, Copy Director for Cooking Light

"I am thrilled that Amazon bought Whole Foods! Amazon has a long-standing GOOD reputation, and maybe they will fix all the problems with pricing that Whole Foods has created." - Laura Poythress, Workflow Coordinator for Time Inc. Food Studios

"Very interesting to see how that shakes out. I know Amazon doesn’t make money, so I’m wondering if long term Whole Foods will suffer as Amazon is forced to lean on it to get into the black." - Matthew Moore, Content and Community Manager for the Cooking Light Diet

"I'm pretty indifferent. I try to buy the majority of my food at the local farmers' markets, so this change doesn't much affect me!" - Rochelle Bilow, Social Media Editor for Cooking Light and MyRecipes