If you love your Instant Pot, you'll love this new gadget. 
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Credit: Photo: Amazon

If you love your Instant Pot as much as we do, we’ve got some great news. The hottest name in modern day cookware has a Sous-vide circulator, and Amazon has it on sale for just $89. It’s your time to turn weeknight dinners into restaurant quality feasts.

Credit: Photo: Amazon

Sous Vide cooking is truly the key to never overcooking your dinner again and are super easy to use. Place meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, vegetables, or fruits in a resealable bag in a pot of water, set the circulator to the time and temperature you want, and cook away.

Sous-vide cooking allows for food to warm at a steady, lower temperature until they reach optimal internal heat. Your meal will gradually cook through, but never exceed your set temperature. It’s the ultimate secret to never overcooking your food again. Plus, cooking your food this way uses less fat that alternative cooking methods and intensifies flavors for a healthy, delicious meal. 

The lightweight, stainless steel immersion circulator can be set for up to 72 hours between 104 F and 194 F. It conveniently clamps on to 6 and 8-quart pots, and can even work with your Instant Pot. The features is easy to use, thanks to a digital touch screen.